Features of FAKRA

  • Achieved IP69K/IP67 level of IEC standard 60529
  • Patented
  • Excellent electrical property, high temperature durability, chemical resistance, low friction efficiency of PTFE Housing
  • Reflow process compatible
  • Compliance with CE & FCC & MSDS & RoHS requirements
  • Available for 14 colors codes and various keying options
  • Customizable specification

  • Voltage:250V
  • Current:1.5A DC
  • Operation Temperature:-40~+105℃
  • Frequency:DC0~6 GHz
  • Nominal Characteristic Impendence:50Ω

*FAKRA Core-EU, Coupling Method Snap-on
Code Jack & Plug Color Similar to RAL No. Code Jack & Plug Color Similar to RAL No.
Applications Applications
A Black 9005 H Violet 4003
Radio w/ phantom supply GPS for telemetics and navigation
B White 9003 I Beige 1001
Radio w/ phantom supply Remote control parking heating
C Blue 5005 K Curry 1027
GPS for telemetics and navigation Radio with IF
D Bordeaux-violet 4004 L Carmine red 3002
GSM Cellular phone Not defined
E Green 6002 M Pastel orange 2003
TV1/SDARS Not defined
F Brown 8011 N Pastel green 6019
TV2/SDARS Not defined
G Grey 7031 Z Water blue 5021
Remote control keyless entry/SDARS Terrestrial(interoperable) Netural coding